Convenience and Price, or Good Customer Service

// January 2nd, 2010 // Uncategorized

Slowly things are changing, consumers are realising how the internet allows them to take power away from the sellers. Suddenly buyers are starting to realise that their opinions can be heard and there are others who share their views.  This can only mean bad news for all the companies who continue to dupe the buyer with deals and promotions but in reality fall short with the after sales service; likewise those companies who fail to recognise the damage that can be caused by bad customer service.  The shocking truth is that these companies are usually the ones who claim to be customer driven, or customer orientated, however this is far from the truth, they are simply good at getting the initial sale and information about their bad customer service is not reaching potential buyers.

I would love to see companies pay for their bad service, unfortunately we all fall into the trap of convenience and price over common sense and therefore those companies will still prosper.  Time and tme again i have used poor companies because their offering was convenient or cheap and each time it has caused me headaches further down the line. …   shame.


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