Personal Summary –  Employment –  Education

Freelance Business Strategy & Marketing Consultant (Sept 2008 – Current)

Hill & Knowlton International Public Relations – Beijing –

As a freelance business consultant I have been contracted to provide a minimum of 40 hours per week to Hill & Knowlton’s Beijing office; initially for a 3 month period, however, I have now been offered an indefinite contract extension. In my role I act as a senior consultant for the corporate communications and government affairs teams as well as providing advice and support on improving the organisation as a whole.  My main contributions have included:

  • Acting as main China PR strategy consultant for Mercedes-Benz, BP and Jones Lang LaSalle. This includes the production of press releases, Christmas staff messages, internal newsletters, customer complaint communications, stakeholder mapping as well as future planning of strategic goals and tactics for 2011.
  • Written speeches for several visiting global CEO’s and senior managers including the opening address for the MB arena which was given in front of 10,000 guests.
  • Developing relations with international media and acting as main liaison for international journalists for major events and press conferences.
  • Participating in client meetings and discussions with senior board members on global strategies.
  • The development and execution of new business pitches for several new H&K clients.

As a private consultant-

My main focus is on creating and improving the core essence of the company to create a sustainable competitive advantage which is both self promoting and difficult for competitors to copy. I believe a strong strategic personality reduces the need for promotional marketing; the concept effectively markets itself through referrals, word of mouth, public relations pieces and customer relationship management. Specific services include:

  • Business Planning

Creating a roadmap for success.  The business plan is a decision making tool designed to be flexible, yet underpin the main direction, focus and company offering. I have created plans for several companies including the IHG Hotel group’s Cardiff Holiday Inn – The plan was implemented with great success.

  • Strategic Management and Implementation

Sticking to the plan and adjusting where necessary to achieve the maximum amount of gain, change management is an essential component in every business. This was fully evident in H.D.Adcock where the business plan required constant updating to reflect competitor actions.

  • Strategic Marketing Planning

Creating an integrated marketing plan designed to make the best use of limited resources, targeting the audience with the greatest potential for return in the most effective way.

  • Public Relations

Projecting the right image is vital; PR I an essential tool in developing brand image, transferring information  and positioning the company within the market.

  • Web 2.0 Marketing –

The growth of the Internet has resulted in huge opportunities for a different kind of marketing, requiring specialist knowledge and planning.

As a freelance consultant I have been involved in many projects some of which are listed below, more examples are available:

  • Prepared a detailed marketing plan for the Holiday Inn Cardiff (IHG group) in order to increase revenue to their struggling café bar. The plan was implemented with great success.
  • Created a marketing strategy for a large Independent Financial services company operating in the UK
  • Various consultancy roles based in the hospitality advising restaurants, bars an lifestyle businesses
  • I am currently in the process of preparing marketing programs for various businesses in Beijing including: a high class Italian restaurant, a bakery, an art gallery.

H.D.Adcock (Nelson) Ltd (Managing Director 2002 – Jan 2010)

Adcock is a long established management consultancy and wholesale supplier within the Hotel and hospitality industry. At the time of taking over, the company’s key market was in decline and the company was losing money.

As Managing Director my remit included:

  • Totally modernising business functions creating new modern managerial control processes. This included transforming the sales pipeline and approach to new markets.  A new vision and mission were created and adopted.
  • Introduced a market orientated philosophy transforming the business from a major loss to a consistent profitable position by changing the customer base and marketing philosophy.
  • Dealt with difficult human resource issues, including the dismissal and hiring of staff, contractual legal issues and staff motivation.  Created a staff improvement program based around personal goals.
  • Introduced telesales, targets and a results driven framework for growth.
  • Created a new branding strategy and expanding the company from regional to national coverage.
  • Specified, installed and configured a CRM based customer retention program which increased revenue whilst reducing costs.

Adcock is now a successful company growing into new markets with new confidence and strategic direction.  A large investment program is in place to continue the success into the future.

Jangro Network Ltd (Marketing Development Committee 2007 –Jan 2010)

Jangro is a £60 million turnover 37 member buying and marketing group for janitorial and catering products. This position was in addition to my role with H.D.Adcock. My particular role includes:

  • Responsible as a committee member for advising on the development of group marketing strategy, constructing both basic product and service marketing plans and forming a Jangro brand strategy, answering directly to the board.
  • Pivotal in the introduction and marketing of a new range of environmentally friendly products designed to fill a current gap in the market.
  • Sole Responsibility for specifying and project managing a new £148,000 ecommerce website system using a single database to providing a unique platform for all 37 individual member sites. The revolutionary concept provides unparalleled customer orientation with internet sales forecast at £5 million within the first year.
  • Advising on business decisions, direction and public relations on a daily basis.

The group has expanded and grown meeting all growth targets and is now the largest independent Janitorial group in the UK.

BBC, Granada (ITV)  &   Zenith Entertainment (Researcher   2000-2003)

My role included researching all material that would be used for the shows, which would be cross checked and verified using multiple independent sources. The data was then prepared in a format that could be used by the presenters for additional information and expert comment.

I also performed ‘live on air’ telephone data collections from viewers for ‘find a fortune’ and acted as the guest stand in for show rehearsals.

SiliconHeart (Systems Engineer 1999-2000)

As a Microsoft Certified System Engineer I worked repairing computer systems and networks around the city of London.  The role included working on many UK Government systems a well a small branch of MI6.

I employ a management consulting style based around creating a future vision and mission and sustainable personality advantage.