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Best Use of Viral Marketing

// December 21st, 2009 // 3 Comments » // Advertising, Company management, Corporate Image, Customer Service, General, International Marketing, News Comment

I can’t help but applaud the genius of Sony in driving up music sales in the run up to Christmas, but at the same time can’t help to notice how suckered the public was into what appears to be a great marketing scam.

X-factor was sure to be number one at Christmas, after all the last 3 winners had all managed Christmas number one. So why not create a viral campaign praying on the hatred of X-factor in certain sectors of society and get them to buy, via download, another track which is also indirectly owned by Sony.

I think for this type of scan to work there are several crucial ingredients.
1. The cost of purchasing must be cheap… less than £2
2. The two products must be total opposites
3. There cannot be a direct link (as in this case)

4… those suckered have no idea that they are just funding a large company… like Sony.. although maybe some people knew, but did it anyway.

Maybe i am looking at this form a cynical standpoint. But deliberate or accidental it is excellent marketing.


Sugar is Right

// December 2nd, 2009 // No Comments » // News Comment

“Moaning small business owners live in Disneyland” Sir Alan Sugar

The problem is simple, we have created a business environment where we encouraged  people to set up ‘me too’ companies.   We made it easy for people with no entrepreneurial skill to simply leave the company they worked for and set up against them.  The companies eventually fail from the lack of enterprise.

Where is all in innovation gone… companies need to innovate…

Companies who cannot get credit, cannot get credit because their business plans are floored, not because the banks are not lending.

Yes, small companies employ 6 out of every 10 private sector jobs and contribute over half of the UK’s GDP, but they must be sustainable over the long term.  The federation of small business (FSB) needs to educate small businesses of the need to market and be different, not ‘me too’


Murdoch (& Microsoft) vs. Google

// December 1st, 2009 // No Comments » // News Comment

I find this story somewhat bazaar. Even the behemoth that is News Corp. cannot change the internet; what is Murdoch thinking ?

Many think the same way,  they disagree with the buyer power leveraged by the internet and seek to change it, rather than embrace it.  Google understands the internet, it understands that buyers have the power and seeks to fulfil their  needs.  Murdoch is angry that people aren’t visiting his sites, but instead chose to read snippets selected by Google; Google benefits from free news as well as the advertising revenue from banners placed on its news site.

I can understand why Murdoch is angry, Google is gaining at the expense of News Corp, but blocking the news from Google is not the answer.  News Corp must understand why the Google site is more popular than their own.  They must think of creative ways of improving their sites so that visitors actually want to vis it them.  Google is only able to make money because News Corp. has nothing different to any other news website.